4 minutes with Mochi the pug

Image Credit: Just another dog blog

This story first appeared on former NRMA site Live4 on February 12, 2014. Image courtesy of Mochi.

Mochi is a pug with an uncanny penchant for bringing movie moments to life on Instagram (Follow her on @justanotherdogblog).

Her takes on films such as Grease, Lawrence of Arabia, American Beauty, Forrest Gump and Home Alone are the ultimate in canine cuteness and has earned her over 6000 followers. We caught up with Mochi – with thanks to her owner Miranda Bryce for translating – to see what her dog’s life was like off camera.

How old are you Mochi?
I’ll be turning two on January 28th and am hoping for some yoghurt or mango to celebrate. I’ll pretty much be happy with anything that falls on the ground that day though.

Where do you live?
I live in Surry Hills, Sydney, and with my gluten-free diet and matching mustard-yellow collar and lead, I fancy myself as being about one bowl of coconut water away from a full hipster dog.

When did you start Just Another Dog Blog? How did it come about?
I started Just Another Dog Blog about six months ago as a way of expressing myself creatively (quite a challenge when you’re a dog). I was delighted to find that people round the world liked my photos and now I keep doing it because so many people say that it brightens their day – which is pretty cool.

Do you have any help recreating your movie moments?
It’s mostly all me, but I struggle with the iPhone camera given that I don’t have opposable thumbs, so my entourage help me out there.

What are your favourite films?
I like thrillers because people tend to hug me in the scary bits. I don’t much like films with animals in them though because it’s quite tiring having to defend the house from them by barking at the screen.

Fave actors?
All the greats really – Benji, Lassie, Beethoven… and Meryl Streep. Everyone loves Meryl Streep.

What movies have you loved recreating the most?
I think the top three have been American Beauty, Flashdance and Titanic. I love the classics. I’ve pretty much perfected the art of the ‘worried look’ too, so The Blair Witch Project at Halloween was fun.

I hear you take movie moment requests, any interesting submissions?
I’ve been set some real challenges, especially as I find it hard to stand up and hold things on my own. At Christmas I was asked to do the scream from Home Alone, which was tough but ended up being a popular one.

Are you recognised at the dog park?
It’s tough to know these days which dogs like me for my smell and chasey skills and which ones are just hanging with me because I’m famous.

Who’s your favourite contemporary?
I think Carli Davidson’s photographs of dogs shaking are very good. Finally people are appreciating the beauty of excess skin.

Finally, got any film predictions for the Oscars?
I plan on revealing my Oscar picks with some Mochi’s Movie Moments soon, so stay tuned…