Etsy community comes together to Make for Good

Image courtesy of Etsy

This article first appeared on Benojo on November 9, 2015. Image courtesy of Etsy.

This year, Australian Etsy sellers are coming together for the #makeforgood campaign. Running until December 24, participating sellers will donate at least 20% of every sale to Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl initiative (and Etsy will donate their commission on those sales) with the hope of providing grants to 150 Cambodian women to start their own micro businesses and lift themselves – and their communities – out of poverty. Many of the goods being sold have been inspired by the initiative’s theme of creating a ‘silver lining’ for the girls. We spoke to Helen Souness, Etsy managing director for Australia and Asia, to learn more about this wonderful collaboration.

A perfect pairing:

At Etsy, our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world and we know that our talented community of makers, designers and curators are as passionate about creating change as they are about creating. When Plan International approached us earlier this year about working together, we saw a beautiful alignment in values and purpose and a wonderful opportunity to help change the world for girls.

The #makeforgood collaboration was designed to tap into the collective creative energy of Etsy’s Australian maker community to create beautiful handmade products and real change for girls around the world by supporting Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl initiative.

Giving other female business owners a helping hand:

Etsy is filled with creative entrepreneurs who pursue their passions, work for themselves and define success in their own terms. More than 90 per cent of Australian Etsy sellers are female, many of them young women, or women at home with children. Many have never owned a business until they open their Etsy shop but become entrepreneurs in their own right thanks to the low­risk and accessible platform Etsy offers.

But as Plan International’s work and the Because I Am A Girl campaign highlights, it’s not as easy for all women around the world to start their own business or transform their futures. We’re so excited to be working with Plan International and with our community of Etsy sellers in Australia to create meaningful products designed to make a real difference.

The #makeforgood project has seen Etsy sellers around Australia create products inspired by the Because I Am A Girl campaign and its mission to unleash the incredible potential of girls by promoting their rights, transforming futures and creating a better world for all. They are donating at least 20% of revenue from the sale of the products they create for the #makeforgood collection, while Etsy will donate commission on those sales to Because I Am A Girl.

Funding better futures for women in need:

All funds raised will support Because I Am A Girl projects that help promote the equal rights of all children, helping lift girls around the world ­ and their entire communities – out of poverty (see an example of some of their work here).

The goal for the project, set in consultation with many Etsy sellers involved, is to provide grants to 150 Cambodian women to start their own micro businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.

Etsy Australia’s community keen for the cause:

The overwhelming response from our community of Australian Etsy sellers has highlighted how much they care about girls’ rights and how eager they are to use their creative talents to support Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign in their work to change the world for girls. More than 400 Etsy sellers from around Australia have registered to #makeforgood so far, donating anywhere from 20 to 100 per cent of the sale value of the items they make to Because I Am A Girl.

From one­-of-a-kind jewellery and bespoke artworks to homewares, beauty products, and children’s toys, the #makeforgood collection that has been created reflects the diverse talents of Etsy’s creative community in Australia and their collective motivation to help educate and empower girls and work to end poverty.

You can shop for #makeforgood products until 24 December.