“Lisa is one of Brandalism’s longest-standing freelance content producers and our go-to on almost all new client work. She has the very rare quality of being both incredibly detailed in the execution of a project yet creative in flair and style. Her ability to find the story and a unique angle in every subject matter we throw at her is what brings the subject matter to life, and what makes her work stand out among others. Lisa will not only execute a brief to the letter but has the experience to look at the bigger picture from a project perspective and make suggestions on how it can take it to the next level. It is her initiative that makes us trust in Lisa’s work, and beyond the quality of her work she’s also an absolute delight to deal with.”

– Tracy Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Brandalism.

Digital Creatures

“Creative, reliable and experienced, Lisa has the rare ability to understand and deliver just what’s needed by her clients. Having worked with her as an editor, writer and copywriter for several years, I‘m always impressed by the high level of care and attention to detail she gives to each project. She’s a real professional and brings with her years of experience, working with a range of clients. She’s also a pleasure to work with and will brighten up your day! I know I can trust her to deliver first-class copy. I would highly recommend her.”

– Nicole Peters, Chief strategist & CEO, Digital Creatures.

Neha Kale

 “I’ve worked with Lisa Cugnetto in my capacity as both a writer for King Content and as the editor of VAULT magazine for many years. As an editor, she is a clear communicator, can articulate a brief clearly and combines a high level of creativity with exceptional attention to detail. As a writer, she is diligent, reliable and turns around high-quality copy that is engaging, interesting and accessible to any audience ahead of a deadline.  She has that rare blend of writing talent and editorial integrity that makes her indispensable as a freelancer. I can’t recommend highly enough.”

– Neha Kale, freelance writer and journalist & editor-at-large at VAULT Art Magazine.

Richard Shrapnel

“Lisa has been my content advisor for some three years now. During which time she has guided and supported me in writing five books, a sixth in progress, and over 200 articles. She has not only edited my works weekly but allowed me to find my voice consistently and authentically through every piece that I write. She has challenged me when my writings lost their footing and guided me in succinctly communicating my messages. I write across the themes of business strategy, growth, competitiveness, leadership and succession. Lisa’s capability has supported me in communicating not only the technical aspects of my writing but also in the blending these with the strong social messages that my writings carry. Lisa – a great content advisor, editor, communicator and sounding board.”

– Dr Richard Shrapnel PhD, Business strategist, writer, speaker and advisor.